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What is Count€x$

Avoid penalties, save time, reduce processes, generate quickly.



Optimize exchange information capture with regulatory validations.



Reduce the risk of loss of information with user administration.



Enter information only once to generate BanRep and DIAN.



Centralización de la información cambiaria en una sola base de datos.

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With Countex we make easier your work



Web application available as software as a service or under licensing, which automates the process of reporting exchange information to control and surveillance entities Banco de la República and Dian.



COUNT€X$ is strictly developed under the regulatory guidelines of External Circular DCIN-83 Banco de la Republica and the resolutions 09147/2006, 10/2016, 65/2016 and 000099 of Dian


Easy Query

Minimizes risk of committing conceptual errors, setting the exchange numerals as commercial activities and parameterized according to the nature and corresponding change operation.


Account Control

Manage the movements of their bank accounts in foreign currency, registered as a compensation mechanism at the Banco de la Republica, optimizing preparation times exogenous information exchange.

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We have the perfect solution in Compensation Accounts

COUNT€X$ web application available as software as a service or under licensing, which automates the process of reporting exchange information to the control and surveillance entities Banco de la Republica and Dian.

Developed under the regulatory guidelines of the External Circular DCIN-83 of the Banco de la Republica and resolutions 09147 and 000099 of the Dian. It allows through massive loads of customs and exchange information or the MT940 (excerpts in txt format), to feed the exchange forms that must be reported to the Banco de la Republica and the report formats to the Dian, automatically generating these files in format xml for greater ease of electronic sending to control entities.

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Countex has been a tool that has supported the processes of foreign trade and / or compensation accounts for the Unisys group in Colombia, allowing to integrate those involved in the process and that efficiency, has given us the opportunity to better use the time and guarantee that the result each month is not less than the timely and correct report of the exchange information.


Andrés Felipe Barrero Valenzuela


Countex for our company has been very important as it facilitates the way to support and correctly send information about the movements of compensation accounts, both to the Bank of the Republic and to the Dian. They also have a great technical support with suitable personnel that has helped us in all our requirements clarifying our doubts efficiently.


Wilmer Romero

Treasurer Accounting & Company Control

It has helped us to improve the presentation process before the regulatory entities, it has helped us to reduce the risks of presenting wrong information and to improve our times. The operation of the tool to date has always been correct, when we have had some problem, the technical support has been very effective. In conclusion we are very satisfied with having acquired the Countex tool.


Hector Fabio Murcia Castro

Treasury analyst


Decreased operating load


Daily transactions users


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