From January 16, natural and legal persons will have to present their exogenous exchange information to the entity. As of January 16, natural or legal persons residing in Colombia and having clearing accounts, is open bank accounts in foreign banks and denominated in foreign currency registered with the Central Bank, must present exogenous its exchange […]

In accordance with article 10 of Law 9 of 1991, residents can have foreign currency accounts abroad, with which they can make and receive payments corresponding to the operations of the foreign exchange market; the above through compensation system, which must be regulated by the competent body. This system has been regulated in accordance with […]

1. What is the exchange rate regime? The exchange rate regime is the set of rules that regulate aspects of international changes.   Exchange can be defined as all foreign transactions that involve payment or transfer of currencies or securities representing them.   According to the Colombian exchange rate regime there are two markets: · […]